Monday, May 20, 2013

East Loon Breakfast Slaunch Pike!!!!

Had some time in the morning to get out and planned to be a frog bonanza on some largies at East Loon Lake in Lake County. I had a friend Captain Jim in the FV Quack Kills and we were at the launch on West Loon at 5:30am. No problems there and we were the first boat to launch. It was a calm and windless clear morning, so the topwater bite looked promising. We got the boat launched and proceeded over to the channel between the two lakes and made our way into an endless field of weeds, lay-downs and lily pads. The water temperature was 67 and thought the frog bite would be on. Well that was not the case as we only had on blow up for about an hour of fishing.

We decided to head out into some deeper water on the edge of the first drop were some other boats had now gathered. We started with spinner baits and lipless crank baits in hopes that some of the bass were out in deeper water. Nothing again and I was begining to feel lost again like last week at Delavan. I read a post on another fishing website about using flukes on the first drop to lure in some hungry bass so I put a white fluke on. It was game on. In about 5 mins I had the first of five pike and one bass for me on. I was upset because the first pike did not make it onto the video because I screwed up when turning on my new GoPro Black Edition. After that the pike were hitting very aggressively and they were fighting mad. This was one of the best days on the water because all this action happened in just over an hour.

Just like they turned on, they turned off and we could not find the fish again. We fished until about 9:00am and the morning was great. Hopefully this pattern holds for another week or two so that I can get into em again.

Here is a vid of the morning and it was a good one!!!