Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shimano CI4 Un-Boxing

Here is the video I made with the un-boxing of the new reel I got to replace my Exo that self destructed. I will be throwing it on a Powell Inferno 705 CB glass/comp rod. It is a medium action medium tip and has a parabolic bend to it. The fish seem to really get pinned with this combo and I do not lose too many. I feel that the gar I lost was due more to the low gear ratio of the reel I was using than anything else. I got a bit higher gear ratio on this one at 6.2-1 because I will be using it for shallow cranking and square bills. It has a great feel and is very light although the Exo's were lighter than most of the reels I have used. My Core is still the lightest reel I have ever used. Well here is the video on the lures and description of the features of this reel.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mini Gator Attack!!

Here is a quick clip of my last one hour outing while I was sorting the boat engine out. I did get out and there were a lot of boats out there but I managed some nice fish.

Water was a bit cooler at 74 degrees so I was not thinking that they would be that active. The fish seemed to like the edge of the weed line in 8-12 fow. They liked reaction baits in chartreuse or white or combo of both. They were hitting hard and there was no doubt that a fish was on. Highlight of the day was not on camera when a 36-38" Gar attacked my square bill. The bass continued to be extremely lethargic and we did get a few but no good ones. The bass should also move out into summer patterns soon. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching!!!!