Fishing and hunting has been in my blood ever since I can remember. Like many of us, I started fishing with my father and grandfather when I was too young to remember. They would take me up to the Northwood’s of Wisconsin and instilled a sense of ethics and sportsmanship which I carry with me to this day. I learned on the lakes and rivers up in Wisconsin how to fish primarily for walleye and pan fish. I remember however, when we would be fishing on rock piles for walleye and a big musky would come up and hit at the boat. This made me want to get one of these monsters on the line. As I grew, I wound up spending many months of my youth up in these waters and guided on several lakes for walleyes and musky.

I then went into the United Stated Air Force and it would be many years until I wet a line. I was just not into anything after I came back from the Persian Gulf. It was actually four years ago when I lost my job. With things looking pretty bad, I started to reconnect with nature. I was thinking that there are many lakes around my house and I should check out what fish inhabit these waters. I started to check out some local fishing websites and was hearing that some of these waters held good populations of walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and musky. I got myself a cheap rod and figured I had no shortage of time on my hands and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the luck that I had in and around the area. I purchased a kayak because a boat was not in the finacial cards and that just got me off the bank and made me want to fish all the more. I also started hunting quite a bit at this time as well. I hunt pheasants, quail, and chukar with my pointer as well as waterfowl and big game. Last year I purchased a small 16 foot jon boat and this rig does well fishing and hunting.

I started this blog because I have found the outdoors to be a great escape from the hectic life I think we all have at this time with the intent that maybe through my adventures, someone can learn a thing or two about hunting, fishing or whatever else I manage to get myself into. Thanks for checking out my blog and hope you find the information useful and the videos entertaining, I know that sometimes I look back and definitely get a laugh!!!