Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So this is my first post and venture into the world of blogging. I have some affiliation with other blogs and have been somewhat non-existant on those sites and for that I am sorry. Time just seems to slip away so fast especially with going back to school and working. I have been documenting my outtings on youtube with video documentation that ranges from fishing and hunting, gear reviews, and taxidermy. Yes, I completed three ducks that came out pretty nice and will be doing more of them next hunting season. I am also planning on reproducing fish as well and we will see how that goes as the year wears on.

I recently bought a new compound bow, a Hoyt Spyder 30 because last year when I purchased my fishing/hunting boat, I sold my Diamond Marquis to finance that project. I have never had a flagship bow and was dead set on a Mathews Creed, however; when I shot all the different bows that the archery shop had available the Hoyt Spyder 30 was the best feeling out of the lot for me.

I went last Sunday and sighted the bow in at Bass Pro Shops in Gurnee Illinois and they have a nice setup for archery there. The only criticism of the range was the lighting was not very good and it was wierd because it was difficult to see the arrows in the targets just downrange at 20-27 yards. A minor issue for sure and they were doing some maintanence and gave me and my cousin both a free half hour of range time. They have a nice elevated area to shoot from and even have a mock treestand mounted on a fake tree to shoot from. This is important is you are shooting from a tree stand. I got the bow sighted in and took some video of the whole thing.

So I will be updating as often as I can and I hope that you will find some entertaining and valuable substance in my blog entries. Thanks for taking the time and visting my blog! Hope to see you back often!!!


  1. Hey Justin, thanks for following the blog and being my first follower. Nice to see you made on over from WCF.

  2. you caught my interest, following

  3. Hey Blake, nice to see you over here and thanks for following. I have been following your blog for some time and you have it set up great. Lots of good general information on rivers and tribs around Northern Illinois and Wisco. Now that I am not running another site I hope to participate more in the blogospere and the people that I have been following.