Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter continues to hang on!!!!

Well I was hoping to have a tale of many fish but it was not meant to be. Another fisherman and I planned to do some winter smallie fishing on The Fox River however, there was ice over the whole river on Sunday morning. This was disappointing but I have just seen the forecast for the next three days and apparently we are going to get somewhere between 5" to a foot of snow! Oh well, I guess after last year's drought, we need all the water we can get.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to get out on some spawning pike and pre-spawn eyeballs and smallies. I am on a quest to catch a mount worthy specimen to hoan my taxidermy skills on. Now I am catch and release only so I will be doing a reproduction of the fish so that I can return the monster (when I catch him or her) to the river. I will be keeping you guys posted as to my progress in this area. Hope to get one quick because we all know the best time of year is right around the corner. Until ice out, I will be patiently waiting. The boat is ready to go, now I just have to put her in the garage so the inside does not fill up with this foot of snow we are going to get in the Chi-Town area


  1. The river is open where I fish. Pike should be on the move to and from spawning grounds as we speak on the DPR between Burr Ridge and Lemont. (where we yakked)

    Wanna hit it this weekend?

    1. In a word, yes!!!! Can I launch boat at that launch???? It does not take a whole lot of water for her to float.

  2. Just seeing if my favicon works.....