Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lost and Found!!!!!!

I have not posted in a while because I have been in a fishing rut but now that is all over. This morning was to be an epic journey that will not soon be forgotten!!!

Well me and a friend decided to go fish early today because he had some work to do on his new house. This was to be an interesting day for sure but started out unremarkably with me arriving at my friend's house at 5am. We were going out to Look Lake in Lake County to try and get some bass and or a northern because Dave has never caught a northern. The drive up was pleasant and we got to the boat launch as the sun began to rise. Dave forgot some stuff in the care but once he got his hat and glasses, the boat was fired up and ran great. We made it to the channel first and started to cast frogs in search of some early topwater action.

Topwater has been disappointing this year for sure but Dave got a blow up on his first or second cast and I thought this was going to be the ticket. We did not get anything after that and proceeded to move out a bit into 3-5fow to throw flukes. This yielded nothing as well. I was wondering, is this going to be a typical July outing for us???? Dave decided to throw on a shallow running bomber and within a few casts he got a nice almost 2lb largie. I decided that I wanted to use a KVD 1.5 chartreuse and black back and I got a good one that made up over 3lbs. We continued in 7-9fow and threw exclusively cranks and got steady action with largies for most of the early morning. Then I got a small hammer handle pike. We continued with out pattern until we noticed a change in the weed line where it was apparent weed killer had been applied. We went back to our starting position and began the troll again.

This is where things get interesting. On about the third or forth cast I see Dave hook a good one. The fish was not fighting hard so I thought it was a nice bass but it was his first northern and it was a nicer one. No hammer handle there. Now I had just casted out and began to retrieve when I saw this and recognizing it would be Dave's first northern, I sprung into action. I put my rod down and helped him land the fish. After some struggling with his sweatshirt, he had a nice 4lb northern that was pretty long and just as I gave him the fish to get a quick pic before releasing it, the unthinkable happened.

In the blink of an eye my Abu Garcia Veritas and Shimano Chronarch Combo is ripped over the transom of the boat. Now this was terrible and I think I was in shock as I saw the 500 dollar + combo slowly sink into the depths of East Look Lake. I was not paying attention however, in the distance as Dave maneuvered the boat with the Ipilot to get to where the rod entered the water, a nice little pike comes out of the water. I was ready to give up at this point because I was so depressed that one of my favorite combos just went into the drink. Long story longer, Dave kept his composure and 10 minutes later or so says, "Dude, I see it!!!!" I could not believe it and he expertly moved the boat into position to make the rescue. As we got to the rod, another pike jumped and we both thought this was weird and Dave said " Do you think there is a fish on your line. I said there is no way but as I reeled in the slack, there was a tug on the other end. We had unknowingly got our first northern double and this little feisty pike was the culprit of how my rod got ripped over the transom.

Moral of the story, never, and I mean never, leave a rod and reel with line and a lure out in the lake because you never know when a crazy little fish may come along and want your rig more than you do!!!!! This was a great morning of fishing with several bigger bass taken along with three nice little northerns. I took the reel home and she came apart for some maintenance and is now back in service. I have two vids one is the fishing portion of the morning and the second is just the chaos that ensued after the rod was stolen!!! Hope you enjoy the vids!!!

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  1. That's awesome that you were able to rescue the rod, and have a fish on at the same time! Cool videos, as usual!