Saturday, January 2, 2016

Got the bug!!!!!

Well I have not been writing all that much over the past several years and this past hunting season got me thinking that I have my blog page setup and why not get going again. I have had some cool things happen this hunting season and I am feeling bad for not documenting them because they are once in a lifetime events. For example, while out deer hunting I witnessed one of the most intense deer fights I have ever seen. Then I rattled one of the big boys in and he was a large deer. I did not get a shot at him because my release broke but what an experience. This is just a short notice that I will hopefully do better at documenting my outings in the future.

I will be buying a much better camera for videos of fishing, hunting, dog training, and anything else I manage to get myself into!! I am looking forward to starting to write again and will be bringing some educational videos as well. So keep an eye out for my new entries and hopefully I will not get into too much trouble!!!! Thanks for listening and I will be back soon with some new material.

For now, check out my Youtube page 1080tommy1 which does have some newer videos of hunting outings. For example, there is a cool video of when I got to fly an AT-6 Texan with Gauntlet Warbirds. I will hopefully have some new videos of Tino and Roxy my two German Shorthaired Pointers working out at Coon Creek Hunt Club soon too!!!!

See you out there. Tight lines and Shoot straight.


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world!

    Looking forward to reading more local stuff, and seeing your videos again.

  2. Hey Justin, how's it going??? Yeah I have been slacking and this year was exceptional so far. I'm going out tomorrow with the dogs pheasant hunting so hopefully I'll have something to write about. How was your holidays? Hope things are going good!!!! See you!!!