Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Frog fishing and frog setup video!!!

I have been having a great time with frogs this year so I figured what the heck, I will post my setup because of the increased hookup ratio this year. I have been experiencing 90% or better and this is probably due to several factors. I strongly feel one is the equipment I am using.

The rod I am using is a Powell Inferno 765c. It is 7'6" medium heavy action with an extra fast tip. The reel is a Shimano Chronarch E5 with a 6.4-1 gear ratio. It is spooled up with moss green power pro in 65lb test. I went with 65 because the 80lb seemed like steel cable and the lakes I fish the 65lb has never let me down.

The frogs I use are The KVD Frog, The Deps Slither K, and The Live Target Bluegill. This is a great combo and I let the fish tell me what they want. When I am fishing a clear lake such as Loon or Delly I have a tendency to go with more natural colors or anything with yellow or white especially on a sunny day. If the water is dirtier or it is over cast I tend to opt for the darker colors. Although, I must say, this year it has been exactly opposite. The cloudy days I have stayed with chartreuse or white.

I'm going to make another video to address how I use them out on the water but that is coming later because here is the video of some fish and my setup to be followed later tonight by a strictly frog strike video. Thanks for reading and don't forget to checkout the YouTube page and subscribe.

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