Saturday, March 18, 2017

Braidwood 3/11/2017

We hit up Briadwood last week despite the cold temps and didn't break any records, just the DSI Transducer mount. The air temp was 16 degrees when we launched and there was a very sharp bite in the air. We did manage 10 fish just one with size and he was about 2.5-2.75 lbs. He unfortunately did not make it on the camera because they both ran out of battery.

It's a weird lake because even though the air temp was 16 the water near the hot water discharge was 75. So, kindof difficult to tell what they were doing. I'm sure with the warm weather we had two or three weeks ago, this was a cold front to the bass. They were not hitting anything other than cranks. We tried some jigs up in the laydowns and probably should have gotten a bit deeper and maybe would have found a few more. It was nice to be out and catching fish though Here is a video of the day.

I'll be posting a new video on how to repair the transducer this week so be looking for that!!!!!

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