Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wood duck taxidermy

My friend shot this nice wood duck last year and he wanted him mounted. I have mounted seven ducks prior to this one so he let me mount him. The first video is just what I did for the habitat that I was going to put the duck on and the second video goes into how I begin the skinning process.

This was a very nice duck from the outside and in fact, looked like he was not even hit with any shot at all. However, upon further inspection, the duck was actually hit pretty hard. The wings were broken pretty good and one of the legs had no bone left. Now, these are very small bones and my friend was using a 10ga because it was a late season hunt. I did the best I could and will keep updating as I put the videos of the mounting process up.

I have completed the duck and will put those pics up once the final videos in the series are put up on my blog. So enjoy the first few vids in my mounting a duck series. Please these are videos of the mounting process on a real duck so if you are opposed to hunting and taxidermy or are offended by this type of stuff, do not watch. This is purely done for other do it yourself taxidermists education and attempt to help. Thanks.

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