Saturday, February 24, 2018

If you're not using a snell, you should be!!!

So I was talking to my cousin and we were discussing knots. That's how I started the idea for all the knot videos on my youtube channel. We were talking about a good way to secure braid to fluorocarbon and I suggested The Alberto Knot. He learned that one and it's an easy knot to tie for sure. However, I mentioned tying a snell knot for flipping and he was not having it. So I thought I would check into this and see what the general consensus is with tying a snell when flipping.

By all accounts, a snell will increase your percentage of a hookup due to the way that the pressure on the line forces the hook into an upward position on the hookset.

It does this due to the way the line attaches to the hook. I went online and most guys report a twenty percent increase in hookups if a snell is used. I do not know if this is the case but if I'm fishing in a tournament, I will take any advantage I can get. Even if it is perceived, I will take that chance because sometimes cashing a check is only an ounce or two from going home empty handed. Another thing to think about is you just got a great bite and it is a possible personal best, I want every chance to have a positive hookup to land that fish.

I will talk about the rig that I use when using a snell for my flipping setup. The components are a straight shank flipping hook, a bullet weight, your favorite trailer, and a bobber stop. You do not absolutely need to include the bobber stop but it makes the rig nice and compact. For heavy cover, the bobber stop is a must so that you can get the lure under the cover you are flipping into whether it be mats, lilly pads, or any other heavy cover.

Here is a close up of the bobber stops. The way that you install the bobber stop on the line is that you put the line through the opening in the wire that the stops are on, and then just pull the blue tab. The stop will then be on the line so that you can tie the rig. This method is better in my opinion because if you have to re-tie, you don't lose the stop like a peg. This can save valuable time if you are in a tournament situation.

Hope you try this method of rigging and get a few more in the boat this year. Here is the video of how to tie a snell knot as well as the rest of this rig. Thanks for reading!!!!

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