Thursday, March 15, 2018

Huk Gear All Weather Bibs and Jacket Review

I have always had inadequate outerwear and with as much as I fish and hunt, I needed an upgrade this year. I did some internet research and to my surprise, there was not much in the way of reviews of the various options out there with outerwear. I looked at many different options including, Simms, Frabill, Stormyr, and Huk. To be honest they all seemed overpriced for what they were but also seemed necessary to protect one from the elements. After looking into all of the brands I could, I made the decision on The Huk Gear All Weather Bibs and Jacket. They had good looks and seemed to be quite functional. The best of all is that I found them on The Huk Gear Website on sale.

When I got them in the mail I noticed that they were light weight. This is what I wanted because all of the bibs and jackets with insulation were a lot more of an investment and with my base layers and other gear, I did not need insulated items. I immediately noticed the stitching both on the bibs and the jacket. The stitching was sturdy and seemed like it was done with thin but strong thread. The look of them is awesome and I know that it really does not matter how these garments will look, but you know how it goes! When you look good, you feel good!!!. I looked at the jacket and noticed that is was nice and the fit was perfect. I had enough room to fit a few layers underneath for cold weather applications and they were thin and breathable for warm weather. The hood was nice and attached to the jacket both with heavy duty snaps and a zipper for easy removal if needed. All of the zippers had a rubberized coating on them so that when zipped, they were waterproof. This seemed to be a very nice feature of both the jacket and the bibs. Also, the sleeves had velcro on the cuffs so that in case of inclement weather, one could secure the cuffs to keep water to a minimum.

The bibs had the same nice stitching with the same rubber encased zippers. The bibs had nice strong suspenders and it seemed like they would take a beating before they would wear out. The knees had extra material so that it would not wear out and there was no padding under the knees. If you are looking for that you would need to go to The Huk Next Level Bib. The bibs also had the same construction as far as velcro on the bottoms of the legs to close off the bottom to the weather.

Over all, these will fit the mission I need for them. I think they are constructed well and fit nicely. The sizing guide is worth mentioning before I end too. The sizing guide on The Huk Gear Website in my opinion is spot on. I begrudgingly ordered a large despite feeling that I should have ordered an extra large however; the large fit perfectly. I am 5'10" and weigh 180 and they fit with a little extra room for layers. So if you go to the website, just follow the sizing chart unless you want more room. In that case I suggest only going one extra size or they will be too big.

Great looking
Solid Stitching
Extremely waterproof
Heavy duty suspenders
Detachable hood

Still expensive even on sale
No padding in knee area
No insulation if you need that
could use another pocket on bib chest

Here is the video I did on the youtube channel. It will give a visual reference to everything in the review. Good luck and don't forget to visit the youtube channel and subscribe!!!

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