Sunday, April 1, 2018

Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0 Hunting Boot Reveiw

Several years ago I was in the market for some new hunting boots and I was surprised how many were out there in the various styles. I was looking for a mid shin or just under the knee boot that was rubber for bow hunting but could also be used other things such as fishing or upland bird hunting. I looked on the web for reviews and got only more confused due to the amount of people who either loved or hated most of the boots on the market. I guess that's how it works with reviews, you either get the people who loved the product or the ones that hated it. I wanted to do my due diligence so that I got the right boot.

I focused on The Irish Setter Rutmaster 2.0. It had all the features that I was looking for but again, there were some good and some bad reviews. I decided to see if I had any Irish Setter Dealers near me. As it turns out, I did. I set out to go and see if they had a pair of these boots so I could put my hands on them. I arrived at the red wing store and looked for a pair and immediately saw they had the boots. I got a few different sizes to try on and was impressed with the fit. One of the most critical issues was that people said that the boot was tight around that ankle and they were next to impossible to get off. I noticed that they fit very comfortably and were lighter than I thought for big rubber hunting boots. I decided to make the purchase.

Here we are two years later and I could not be more happy with them. I will admit that they are a bit tough to get off after a long day of hunting but I can live with this because of all the other positive attributes these boots possess. First, again, they are extremely comfortable. I can wear them all day and I feel no different than if I was wearing gym shoes. They are waterproof and I have been through water up to the mid shin level many times and have not had a drop of water in them. Now, I do not only deer hunt with these boots. I fish and upland bird hunt with them. When I am upland hunting, I could be in the field for several hours or more walking to find birds. They are still comfortable and keep my dry. One of the only other negatives I could point to is that the finish on the boot came off after the first season of upland hunting. It is still ok but I did notice after walking through tough grasses that the finish was a bit lighter than the sides of the boots. They also have some insulation at 800 grams of thinsulate so they are not too hot for upland hunting. I also bowhunt deer with them and with just some thin liners and wool socks, have not had cold feet or toes except for very extreme conditions.

Overall, these boots have served me well and performed exactly as I had hoped. I would recommend them for sure and they can be used for multiple purposes. They are comfortable and will keep you dry and warm. Now, they will not work in extreme environments such as hunting in northern climates with sub zero temps.

Warm but not too warm
Great Tread Pattern

Finish wears
They are difficult to remove

Here is a video I did so you can see them. Please don't forget to like and subscribe and follow the blog if you like it. Thanks and good luck if you are in the market for hunting boots. These are a great buy and will work for you!!

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