Sunday, March 17, 2013

Early Season On The Fox

Got out today and was hoping to find some water temps out of the 30's however; with the weather over the past few weeks, that was an impossibility. Met a new partner in crime at about 9:40 because I missed the turn off to his house and hit the river. We started in 4 fow looking for any fish up close to cover because the river was high and fast. Nothing was happening and we used several different lures to try and hook into a smallie or eyeball. We stayed out for about five hours and did more searching and looking for promising spots for warmer weather.

One bright spot was this Bald Eagle that we saw several time during the outing. He seemed to be upset with us as we moved in on the tree that he was sitting in. The eagle flew off but that was great to see so close to home. I know he is kindof hard to see but my current camera lacks a good zoom.

Also I did hook into something large at the end of our trip and never did get to see what that fish was. It hit tight to the lay down we were in front of and made its way around the boat into the deeper water. As I tried to life the fish it just hugged the bottom and would not budge. The fish eventually headed back into the shallower water and then the hook pulled. Even though I did not land the fish it was great to have something on and something that big. We fished for a while after that and then called it a day. Hope the temps come up soon and trigger some spawning action. 

On another note it was great to meet another fellow fishermen that could stand the cold temps and really fish the area extensively. Good to meet you Sam and we will definitely be getting out more as the season progresses.

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