Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The morning started off like any other pheasant hunting morning. Got up, got Tino out to do his business and then it happened. My buddy Bill came over and Tino was happy to see him. In his jovial moment. Tino hit Bill's bumper and cut himself deeply. The weird thing was that Tino was not bleeding and I did not even find the ensuing cut. We made our way out to Quarrry Ridge Hunt Club were Corey was putting out birds frantically.

As we made our way out to the field, Tino made sure that every bird was discovered and flushed a bird that was not ours. No problem, because you can't keep this dog off any bird. He has an amazing nose and finds everything within a country mile. We finally made it to our field and Tino went to work. He pointed bird after bird but within about a half hour it was apparent, Tino suffered a very deep cut to his ribcage. Tino did great and pointed out all of our birds, but definitely had a bad cut on his side on his ribcage.

We finished our last hunt and I am sure Tino was as disappionted as we were, but it was over nonetheless. Tino was not in good shape suffering the cut as well as some internal problems from that pheasant that ran him into the trees early in the video. The hunt was great and me, my uncle, my cousin, and friend Bill did great. Tino, despite his injury did not fail to impress and pointed out all the birds. We however; did miss a few and showed that we need some shooting practice.

Now it is on to fishing season but be assured, Tino will be out practicing for next waterfowl season and yes, he is a pointer, however; pointers can be great waterfowl dogs too!!!! Wait till next year and I will show you. Thanks for tuning into my blog, and don't forget to check out my youtube channel.

So I got the video to upload. Here it is, enjoy!!!! Sorry about the video being sideways, I forgot to realign my Contour Roam's lens because the camera was on my bow last. I know it really narrows things down and will not forget this in the future.

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