Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Big Game Mount: White Tailed Deer

I have been interested in taxidermy for several years now and have completed only waterfowl. The mounts have come out pretty good and were surprisingly not that hard to do. Here are some of my mounts.

I also did a couple more but unfortunately do not have pics.

I decided when I got a pretty good buck this past year to try my hand a big game. This is a bit more intensive than the ducks due to the prep for the skin. These need to be tanned or they will be destroyed by bacteria. I will be updating as I go through the mounting process and for now, I have the antlers attached and the manikin prepped for the hide. I also did tan the skin but will not be documenting that process since I have never done that. I will see how it goes and if the tanning is good, next year I will document how to tan a skin.

For now, here is a quick video of how to attach the antlers to the manikin as well as how to finish them once installed.

Thanks for reading and watching!!! I will be putting more videos up as I finish the deer!

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