Sunday, June 24, 2018

Huk Gear Attack Fishing Shoe Review

Hello there and hope you are all doing well and catching em good this year. Recently, I needed a new pair of shoes and figured why not try a pair of fishing shoes because that's what I would be doing with this pair of shoes. I decided to spend some money and purchase The Huk Attack Fishing Shoe just to see if they were any different or provided any benefits that regular footwear did not offer. I ordered them from Amazon and they were a total price of 84.99 to my door.

At first glance they had a good solid look and feel to them. The soles most notably were very thick and had a great feel to them. I noticed that the tread on the bottom was like a new tire. The tread if you will had deep grooves and a unique look. This was the grip x traction system. The mesh that comprised the rest of the shoe was also sturdy and seemed to be constructed well. Here's a picture of the shoe with the soles including the grip x pattern.

They also have some good drainage features so that if you are in the water with them, the water will drain effectively. Lastly, they have non-marking soles. This is nice if you have a white gel coat on your boat because you can use them without putting a bunch of scuffs and marks on the white gel. I tried to make marks on my boat and they really do not mark or scuff the gel. This is pretty nice.

Now onto some not so good things about the shoes. The most notable issue was with the width of the shoes. I take a size 11 and have a very narrow foot. These shoes fit lengthwise perfectly and since my foot is so narrow, they were very comfortable. If you have a wide foot, these shoes would not fit great. I looked and did not see on the website any solutions for a wider foot so keep that in mind if you decide to purchase a pair. I liked the feel of them because they felt sturdy and even though they are a low profile, offered a nice stable platform for my foot. The material in the inside of the shoe was a bit rough as well on the back of my heel especially. This was not bad though and I wore them around the house for a day and a half to break them in a little.

I used them for a nice morning of fishing that consisted of about 6 hours of fishing and I really liked them overall. If you have the money, I think they are well worth the price. I will make updates to this review if I see any glaring problems or have something else I really like about them. Here is the video I did on the youtube channel if you don't like to read. Check it out!!!

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