Monday, April 1, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty!

Easter morning got a chance to fish with a buddy and get his boat out for the first run of the season and ensure he was ready for the upcoming tournament season. It was sunny but deceivingly cold. When we got up by the launch it was apparent that the State of Illinois was still in hibernation because the launch at the state park was closed. We then went to another local launch that was closed for a different reason, ICE!!!! There was a bit of open water in the back channel however it was locked in with a solid inch of ice. Not looking good. We headed to our third launch site and struck pay dirt, a nice open stretch of the river.

After stopping to check out the first spot, the trolling motor had some minor issues that we quickly dispatched with some pliers and mechanical prowess. The boat was fixed and we proceeded to look for some suitable spots to fish. First spot, ICE!!! Second spot, ICE!!!! Seems like we were finding ice in the back channels but this did not stop us from fishing. I think we both have a problem. At one point my partner said that he could not believe that others were not out practicing for a tournament that is next week and I thought the same thing. If I was in a tourney, I would be out fishing. As I thought this to myself, it was evident that we definitely do have the same problem, because there were people on shore, and I bet they were saying, "Look at those two guys, I can't believe they are out fishing!" I guess that is the difference between fishing addicts and regular people. We had a laugh and then pounded the water in between ice flows. 

The boat ran great and was a very stable platform to fish from and it was a great day to go chase fish. The wind made it challenging with the current but the temps seemed right to run into an eyeball or two up at a local dam but they were still hibernating with all of the people that were not out. On the way in we stopped at a back water hoping for a toothy critter in spawning mode but got this nice Kitty Kat. I think the more I have been researching it is a Channel but I am not ruling out a blue because of the noticable blue coloring under the gills and pectoral fins. I am by no means an expert catfisherguy and the jury is still out as to if it is a channel or blue. Hope the spring arrives soon from its hiatus because this cold weather is just not conducive to me catching fish.

Here is a video of the boat running and a pic of the Kitty. I know it is nothing special however; it just shows the level of nerd I possess, because I just love the rooster tail that thing was throwing up!!!!

Well thanks for tuning in, and hope I get some videos that actually produce some nice footage of fish!!!!!


  1. It's always refreshing going on that first boat ride of the year. Excellent looking cat as well!

    1. Thanks, you are sure right about that. Now I just wish spring would actually get here so it would warm up a bit. It was a really nice day despite the cool temps and the boat ran great, so mission accomplished.

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