Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Every Dog Has His Day!!!!!

...... And for me it was yesterday at Independence Grove!!!!! My friend Dave called me up and wanted to get out but after the beating I took at another lake on Sunday, I was not to keen on getting out. I was not going to go but he talked me into it and we began heading towards the lake at about 6pm. We got to the lake and the plan was to run and gun with fast moving lipless cranks until finding some active fish.

Well, it did not take long to find the active fish and on the second cast we had a double which we converted. Two casts later, I had another fish, and a few cast later, another!!!! And they just kept attacking the chartreuse sexy shad red eye like sharks in a feeding frenzy! We did get a few decent fish with Dave getting the biggest slauuuuuuunch of the night and it was probably a solid 2.5 to 3lbs. 

The final totals were 20 fish all together and I got 16 and Dave got 4 but he had big fish of the night. All of the fish came on the end of long casts in the transition zones between deep water haunts and the spawning beds. The fish seemed to be just outside of weed lines in 4-8fow and the lures were retrieved with a feverish pace. Hopefully as the weather warms and we get some stable temps, the big females will be appearing soon. Good luck out there and here is a video as always to highlight the outing. Enjoy!!!!!