Sunday, April 14, 2013

Red Eye Green Fish!!!!!!!

I tied on the old red eye shad and was off to Beck Lake with my dog Tino in hopes to get the first legal fish of the season. I must say I did not have high hopes because of the weather this year but I was going to try anyway. I also had a KVD 1.5 in red craw. I pounded the water to no avail and then it happened. A leviathan from the first deep drop came up and smacked the red eye and took off on a tear. I must say that it felt great to have a fish on this season because it has been tough. I recently read a piece from about using a square bill in shallow and it inspired me to get out. I would have thought this would have been the ticket today with the warm sunny temps however, the fish was on the end of a long cast toward the drop off.

I was running the red eye at medium speed and just keeping it out of the junk as the lure approached the shore. As I fought the fish I knew he was not a giant but just wanted to get the fish to the bank for my first legal of the year. Well I got him up and my dog was extremely interested in the fish. He stayed right by me as I took the pic of the fish and then seemed to be completely befuddled on where the fish went when I released it. This was really funny to see his reaction. Well nothing special but to me it was a great fish and I finally have the skunk of my back this year.


  1. Congrats, Tom! About time you got to touch some fish slime this year!

  2. You are not lying there. I went out to busse on Monday and got three more on three different lures in three different places in the water column. Talk about difficult to pattern and spread out. Now the floods and snow???? This spring is going to be tough.