Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing, TIno Cam!!!!!

Well after yesterdays beating at the lake and not catching fish once again, I was thinking of how to mount a camera to my dog for hunting videos. I recently bought a new Go Pro Hero Black and this camera seemed to have more mounting options than my Contour Roam Cameras. I used the chest harness and that fit perfectly over his chest as well. The mount seems to be solid enough but I will not know until we get to next years hunting season and the system is put to the test in the field.

It just so happened that a cotton tail was sitting in the yard and when the Tino Cam was mounted, he instantly went out and pointed the rabbit. He only moved because I was giving him the ok to do so and you can see how he holds point. I cut out some of the video because he was holding for about 4 minutes. He is a great dog and can really hold point. Well here is the debut of the Tino Cam. More to come next waterfowl and pheasant season!!!!!