Saturday, February 6, 2016

IQ Bowsight

I have watched this sight for some time now and had interest in trying one. I thought the concept might be just a gimmick like so many of the other products in the outdoor arena. I kept thinking about all of the fishing gear that I purchase and do not use. I did some research on the web and tried to make an educated decision on whether to try one. The sight seemed to have good reviews from private users and not just the people who are sponsored and have television shows so I made the decision to give it a go.

When I took the sight out of the package, I immediately noticed that it felt great and seemed to be of good quality. The sight was metal but had a rubber coating that made for a sturdy feeling piece of equipment. There was a bag with all of the tools necessary to mount the sight and the directions. After my initial inspection of the sight, I read the directions because one of the issues with this sight was that people said that it was not the easiest sight to get installed and sighted in properly. I got my bow and took the old sight off and installed the IQ.

The installation was a snap and it took just a few minutes to install and I also installed the mounting for my Rage Cage Quiver. The quiver fit perfectly on the new sight using the mounting holes in the sight. I did mount the sight using the rearmost holes to ensure that the sight was mounted with the most similar configuration to my old sight. I got the bow ready for my first shot and this is an important part of the process because I did not want to shoot with a brand new sight and loose an arrow.

The process I use to make this go as smoothly as possible is:

1. I line up the pins on the new sight to the left of the bowstring and that will be close on my left and right measurement.
2. I move the sight all the way up not moving any of the pins themselves but rather the whole sight housing.

This should have me not perfect but for a first shot, I should be on the target. I then measure 10 yards. This is important because if you are too far away, you could loose an arrow unless you have a back stop. I was outside, so I needed to hit the target.

3. I measured out 10 yards.
4. I took my first shot.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was just a bit high on my first shot but needed no movement from left to right. I backed up to 15 yards and still a bit high, but again left right was perfect. Lastly, I moved back to 20 yards and was just a bit low. I moved the sight down to move the arrow up. A quick way to adjust for height is that you follow your arrow. So in this example, my arrow was low, so I moved the sight down. This made my arrow hit the target higher. After just this one adjustment I was on at 20 yards. Now it was time to adjust the Retina Lock.

This was the part that I was hearing was difficult. The retina lock is an apparatus on the sight to ensure your anchor position was the same with each shot. There was two adjustments on the sight for the retina lock. I drew the bow and put the pin on the target and noted the position of the green dot in relation to the black dot on the sight. I made three adjustments and was placing three arrows in a 3 inch circle. This was acceptable for any hunting situation. I then backed up to thirty yards and made a few small adjustments of the 30 yard pin and she was right on the money. Here is the last group I shot from 30 yards.

I went on to shoot several groups of arrows at 20 and 30 yards using the retina lock. I was pleased with the way it was grouping. I was starting to get tired so I will work on the 40 and 50 yard pins next week. I will keep this post updated on the progress.

Overall, I found this sight to be extremely easy to setup and get to shoot spot on. I did follow the directions to the letter and I think the most important part was that I adjusted the pin first and got the bow grouping where I wanted from 20 yards then adjusted the retina lock. This is important and I could see this being a difficult issue if you try without following these steps.

Shooting was a bit different then a normal sight without retina lock. I noticed that it was important that upon drawing that I got the anchor point with centering the dot first and then moved the pin onto the target where I wanted it to hit. If I tried the other way around, it felt uncomfortable and I could not center the dot. I tried to get some pics of the view through the sight but my phone did not capture them very good. I like the way this sight shoots and it is a quality piece of equipment. I did not get the micro adjust and looking back, if I was to purchase it again, I would pay the extra money for the micro adjust knobs. I do also like the larger pins on this site compared to my other site.

I am pleased with this sight for sure and it only took about a half hour to adjust the 20 and 30 yard pins to shoot 2-3 inch groups from those distances. I will continue to update on how the 40, 50, and 60 yard pins adjust. I did notice that I was shooting tighter groups with this sight. I do not think this is a gimmick at all and hope if you are in the market for a new sight, you give this one a try.

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